Wyoming’s First Nations
Fort Washakie Pow wow

Native American Heritage Month recognizes the history, culture, and contributions of Indigenous people. Wyoming has one Reservation and it encompasses 2.2 million acres of Fremont County. The Wind River Reservation was established in 1868 and is home to the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho tribes. It is the seventh-largest Reservation in the Country.

The Eastern Shoshone have been in the Wind River Valley for thousands of years. The Northern Arapaho tribe joined them in 1878 when Shoshone Chief Washakie agreed to let the Northern Arapaho Tribe share the reservation with them. Today, there are approximately 3,900 Eastern Shoshone and 8,600 Northern Arapaho on the reservation.

Riverton, WY celebrates the history and cultural heritage of both tribes. Located in Riverton at the Wind River Hotel & Casino is the Northern Arapaho Experience Room. Visitors can find artifacts, paintings, photographs, and videos of the Arapaho Indians. The Eastern Shoshone Tribal Cultural Center is located in Fort Washakie. 

A trip to Riverton wouldn’t be complete without experiencing Native American culture either through museums, events, or simply driving through the vast reservation