The Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site

Only a short drive east of Riverton lies a historic site that has been luring visitors for thousands of years. Sandstone cliffs eroded by time have turned into tower-like structures similar to those found on castles. The sight has inspired many people throughout history, and early visitors left their mark in a unique way. 

Petroglyphs, also known as Native American rock art, can be found throughout the area. They are rock carvings created by chipping away the rock’s surface to expose an underlayer, which creates an image. Petroglyphs can be found in many places around the wind river region and are an artistic reminder of those who lived in Wyoming long ago. 

Visiting the Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site is a perfect day trip from Riverton or as a stop on the way to or from Casper on your travels. Riverton offers other ways to experience the culture and history of the area and makes a great home base for your next vacation. Start planning your trip today!