Riverton: Perfect for Pets and Families

An often praised aspect of living in Riverton is the family-friendly atmosphere. This was on full display at this year’s Fremont County Fair and it included all members of the family, even the four-legged ones.

Marlee, a Miniature American Shepherd, and Falcon, an Australian Shepherd, competed along with their owners, Riverton siblings Elliotte and Owen Coughanour. The fair provided the pair, along with other Fremont County youth, with opportunities to showcase their dogs in agility, showmanship, and conformation.

This was the third year Elliotte competed in the dog show competition, but it’s not just about the dogs. In addition to competing with Marlee, Elliotte entered the fair’s youth photography contest. She is an active member of the community, and at Riverton Middle School she swims, runs cross country, and plays in the band and jazz band.

Her younger brother Owen is in fourth grade and is active in wrestling, swimming, soccer, and Riverton Junior Football. Like his sister, Owen entered photography at the fair and woodworking. But for the pair, their dogs competing was the best part. 

“I like having fun with my dog,” Owen said. “I took second in showmanship last year, I got second in almost everything.”

This sister and brother are the perfect showcase of family life in Riverton and how it provides opportunities for kids to be involved in the community and pursue their passions. With museums and culture, family-friendly events, and the great outdoors at their fingertips, there’s no shortage of things to do. 

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Whether you’re bringing your family for a vacation or looking to build a life in the community, Riverton is a great place to make family memories. And, remember to bring the dog along.



Photo credit: Randy Tucker