Riverton Featured on ‘Leisure Group Travel’

Riverton was included in a Leisure Group Travel itinerary recently, giving a beautiful sampling of activities and vistas to be enjoyed in and around Riverton. Why Riverton, you ask? This is WY.

The itinerary starts in Riverton, with details about the rich history and delightful dining in town. A whole day exploring and learning in Riverton is the launching point of this Wind River Country itinerary.

“Begin your day by grabbing breakfast at Trailhead Restaurant, a family-friendly restaurant known for its chicken fried steak, which is offered all day,” the itinerary opens.

Leisure Group Travel then recommends: “Head to The Wind River Heritage Center, which offers guided tours, film showings, living history re-enactments, and a historical book library. Make your way one mile down the road to the Riverton Museum. The museum offers educational exhibits and programming, including a walking tour of nearby historical buildings.”
Find out where the itinerary takes you next here, then make plans to follow it yourself!