RadCast Outdoor Podcast highlights local opportunities

One of the big draws to come out west, and to Wyoming in particular, is the great outdoors. Hiking, fishing, hunting, beautiful landscapes, wildlife – it’s all there for any type of traveler. One team that’s sharing that passion with people across the country is RadCast Outdoors. They have a podcast that celebrates the great outdoors, recruits the next generation of hunters and anglers, and provides helpful tips and tricks for fellow enthusiasts.

The hosts of the RadCast Outdoors podcast are David Merrill and Patrick Edwards. Merrill, founder of Recreational Archery Development (RAD), discovered his passion for the outdoors and hunting while growing up in Oregon’s Cascade mountains. Edwards is a native-born Wyomingite who considers fishing his top passion. Together they have a wide variety of outdoor experiences to entertain and educate any audience. 

The idea for a Fremont County based outdoors podcast originated in Riverton at the County 10 studios. County 10 approached Merrill and Edwards about creating an outdoor recreation-based podcast to highlight the local area and promote recreation in the great outdoors. 

The pair ran with it. Four seasons in and 90 episodes later, the podcast highlights many Fremont County opportunities in hunting, fishing, hiking, and more. The hosts provide professional tips for fellow hunters and anglers, local insight into Fremont County, and their personal adventure stories. They also bring on well-known guests and local experts. It’s a great way to learn more about all the exciting opportunities in the great outdoors of Wyoming. 

You don’t have to be a local to enjoy listening to the RadCast Outdoor Podcast! Find it on any of your favorite podcast apps or at

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