Northern Lights in the Wyoming Skies

Some people travel all the way to places like Iceland and Norway for a chance to see the beautiful spectacle that is known as the northern lights. The natural light display across the sky is often included on bucket lists and is notoriously difficult to predict due to the fickle nature of weather. In our hemisphere, the normal range of sight usually falls in Canada and the northern border states.

This past year though, Wyoming residents were lucky enough not just to see the aurora borealis, but have had the chance several times. The first sightings came in the spring. A big opportunity came in the summer sighting. Riverton, WY residents were even able to see and enjoy the northern lights this fall more than once. 

Wyoming’s natural beauty was the perfect backdrop to experience such an amazing display of nature.

Tips for Seeing the Aurora Borealis

  • Get as far away from city light pollution as possible.
  • Make sure you’re looking north/north-east
  • Give your eyes some time to adjust.
  • Check out the Wyoming Stargazing northern lights weather alert page to find the best  conditions.
  • Learn more about the Northern Lights

Fortunately, the northern lights and Yellowstone National Park are not the only great views to be found in Wyoming. The Wind River Mountains boast everything from wildlife and nature to mountains, lakes, and rivers –  there is much natural beauty to behold during a trip to Wyoming, and Riverton is the perfect place to start.