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Riverton, WY, USA
722 East Main Street Riverton Wyoming 82501 US

Hello! I’m Millie Gregory, owner of Build Em Up Bookkeeping. I love working with numbers, which is why I chose to be a bookkeeper! I help business owners achieve their goals by tracking their financial health. I know that most business owners are busy growing their businesses. My job is to make sure they are aware of how their money is being used so they can reach their goals. I do this not only by handling the bookkeeping, but by educating them about their financial health.

All business owners must know where their money is coming from and where it is going. Without a clear idea of how they are handling their money, they are unable to reach their goals. I want every business owner to be able to reach, maybe even exceed their goals, I want to be there to help all my clients’ businesses to flourish and grow.

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