Reasons To Live In Riverton, WY

I recently moved back to Riverton WY after leaving for several years. There are many reasons why I came back to this beautiful state and my home town. I want to first begin by pointing out that I left a busy metropolitan area and was able to get a higher paying job in this town versus the city because I work in healthcare. Many rural communities will pay higher for healthcare workers because there are not many of us around! I also moved back to Wyoming because it has very low taxes compared to the rest of the nation. Property taxes in the city are three times what they are here. All of these benefits can be enjoyed by living in Riverton. I love that Riverton is centrally located. Casper is close if you want to get a fix for busier life, yet Jackson Hole is close enough to enjoy some of the country’s best skiing. There is a sense of community and safety in this town. When sickness takes hold there is an army of good-hearted people waiting to host a fundraiser or help you in your time of need. Riverton is a great place to raise a family. Wyoming has some of the lowest crime in the nation and you can feel safe letting your kids go outside to play knowing they will be ok. Also, your children will enjoy a variety of activities and if your active within the 4-H and FFA clubs there is lots of community involvement here. Overall, Riverton is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and gain access to public land for you to fish, hunt, camp, and just enjoy yourself! I would recommend this town for anyone looking to raise a family or to start new roots.