A Sweet Surprise in Riverton

When you want something sweet, Sweet Surprises is the place to go. Riverton, WY is home to Ronnie Roemmich who was recently featured by Cowboy State Dailey for her culinary talents and local bakery. Located on Main Street, Sweet Surprises has been serving the community since 2018 and takes the idea of a home-cooked meal to the next level. 

Customers get dazzled and lured in by the cupcakes (bourbon maple, honey lavender!), and then end up comforted and delighted by the soups of the day (chicken gnocchi, tomato asiago), the freshly-made bread, and sandwiches all made from scratch.  

There are a lot of places in Riverton to grab a cup of coffee and something sweet – Brown Sugar Roastery, Daylight Donuts, The Breadboard, Roasted Bean and Cuisine to name a few –  but Sweet Surprises takes flavor to the next level. Flavor is important to Roemmich and it’s clear to anyone who reads the menu

  • Rolo Cupcakes: “A light vanilla cupcake filled with rich chocolate Bavarian cream center and topped with a yummy caramel Swiss meringue icing and garnished with candied pecans and miniature Rolos.”
  • Hummingbird Cupcakes: “This is a wonderful cupcake reminiscent of carrot cake, but with banana and no carrots. The banana and pineapple marry up with the pecans and coconut so delightfully. This cupcake is then filled with a warm cinnamon spice cream center and topped with cream cheese icing and garnished with a lovely dried pineapple flower.”

The menu for Sweet Surprises makes it obvious how passionate Roemmich is about her food. From organic ingredients and attention to details, every item sold has been stamped with freshness and thoughtfulness. 

“When we learn to cook for ourselves, we can take care of our bodies better because we know what we’re putting in it,” Roemmich told Cowboy State Daily. “We offer things here that other people don’t do and we make things that are flavorful.”

While she started her culinary pursuits with cupcakes, Roemmich challenged herself to learn and grow. Now Sweet Surprises provides the community with a variety of options from bagel sandwiches and quiches to wild rice salads and soups. It is well worth a visit. 

Did we mention the cupcakes? Dining in Riverton, WY sure is sweet with flavors like Blackberry Brandy, Cookies and Cream, Toffee Caramel…. check on Sweet Surprises your next time in Riverton!